How To Take A Proper Nap Time & Sleep Better

Recently, I haven’t been able to concentrate on what I am doing like I used to due to a lack of decent sleep at night. So naturally, this affects the way I feel during my working hours, and it also has a severe impact on my free time.  Believe me, it really sucks to come home after even a regular day at work to try and relax, but I am too damn tired to really enjoy a movie or tv show, much less enjoy a video game.

afternoon nap
afternoon nap – (I am not this dude. I would never fall asleep in the sun)

Suppose I am only getting five to five and a half hours of decent sleep at night, for whatever reason. In that case, I will need to make up the additional time by either catching up on it the next night, which is unlikely, or I have to supplement my evening sleep with a proper nap when I get back home in the afternoon.

While a nap may be frowned upon by some “sleep experts,” I have found that it is the only way to feel decent with my seeming inability to stay asleep at night for the total amount of time required to restore my health.  The secret for taking a proper nap is staying asleep for an entire sleep cycle, which the first one lasts 90 minutes.  If you don’t sleep the whole process, you will not get through the REM stage of sleep, which is when the body restores itself.  That is the kind of sleep the body needs.  A twenty-minute nap in my car during lunchtime just isn’t going to cut it, and it may drive me to a heart attack, and I don’t want to drop dead just yet.

My secret weapon has been to use the sleep calculator from When to Sleep at  All I have been doing in the afternoons is just loading it on my phone before I am ready to take my nap and then plug in the time given in the timetable into the clock app that comes with android. Tada! It has been beneficial when I don’t know what time I will be taking my nap or retiring for the night.

Keep in mind if you are going to start taking the naps, you need to lay horizontally, even if you are just going to close your eyes for a few minutes. This is because laying down will help reduce your stress and lower your heart rate, whereas sleeping in your chair doesn’t support other than in a meditative sense.

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